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Università nel Regno Unito: un trampolino di lancio sul mondo


  • Employment rate of new graduates: 86.6% (Times Higher Education, 2019), compared to 72.1% in Italy (Almalaurea, 2019)

  • The three-year degree obtained in the UK is recognized throughout the world, for work purposes and for the continuation of studies in master's cycles

  • Whatever subject, or combination of subjects, you dream of studying, we've got it! In the UK, there are over 395 universities, with an educational offering exceeding 50,000 courses (UCAS, 2020)


  • Due to Brexit, European students no longer have access to honor loans and face higher tuition costs (from £10,000 to £30,000 per year, depending on the university)

How does the admission procedure work?


Choose universities and degree courses

The UK offers over 50,000 courses so choosing can be difficult. Our tutors will help you navigate the various academic options and consider other factors such as costs, career opportunities, quality of university and city life. 


Enrich your CV (internships, research, university lessons) 

To prepare for the crucial phases of the application, you will need a CV that is as rich as possible and focused on the field of study that interests you. We can help you get ahead of the curve, cultivating experiences and knowledge useful for your professional and personal growth, which will highlight you in the selection process.


Personal statement planning 

The crucial moment on the path to British universities: you will have 4000 characters to show admissions committees that you are the best candidate for their courses. Don't let that scare you, Valdo Academics has consolidated a method, the success of which speaks for itself: in 2019, 93% of our Italian clients' university applications resulted in an offer, compared to an Italian average of 55% and a British average of 69 %! (Source: UCAS)


Prepare for tests and interviews

The most competitive programs include entrance tests, such as UKCAT and BMAT for Medicine, LNAT for Law, Step 1, Step 2 and Mat for Maths, and TSA for studying at Oxford. We can help you prepare an action plan to address these and other exams required by your application.


Some universities, however, will invite you for an interview on Skype or in person. These interviews are mainly aimed at testing your academic skills and it is therefore difficult to prepare at the last moment! Therefore, if your application requires an interview, you can work with us to prepare in advance.

Oxford and Cambridge

We can help you with mock interviews and interview coaching services for Oxford and Cambridge, with consultants who have studied at these universities and have helped multiple students get into them.


In medical interviews, you will be expected to demonstrate your academic and professional medical knowledge. We can simulate these interviews, with specialized consultants, to help you improve in both areas.

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Students in their final year of high school: The Personal Statement

What is the
personal statement?

The Personal Statement is a presentation letter with which you will demonstrate to universities that you are an unmissable candidate. This letter must be highly academic and meet precise structural criteria. 


The characters


You can only use up to 4,000 characters (600 words) to explain why you are the ideal candidate.

These are very few words, but with an impressive weight!

The most important variable

In addition to the personal statement, universities will receive your grades for the last two years, i comments from your professors on your academic performance and a prediction of your final grade, signed by your professors.

In the last year, these parameters are already determined by your performance in the past years.

The personal statementIt is therefore the most important variable to influence the probability of success of your application at this point in your journey.

We have developed an in-house method to help Italian students write their personal statement.

1. We help you identify your achievements and create a CV

You'll work with a trained consultant to complete an overview of all your accomplishments and passions. Even examples that seem less significant can be fundamental!

  • From books read as academic study, to those read for pleasure

  • From the organizational ability demonstrated in sporting activities, to the determination in competitive sport

  • From your favorite topics at school, to your work experiences

All your achievements can be transformed into food for thought and strength to demonstrate that you are an indispensable candidate.

2. We help you transform your CV into a pitch 

After listing all the milestones, you will transform them according to the standardized STAR format

  • Situation: What was the context of your achievement?

  • Task: What exactly did you have to do? 

  • Action: What did you do?

  • Result: What was the measurable goal achieved? How did you exceed expectations?

This will allow you to create a series of detailed paragraphs about your successes, testing their effectiveness with an expert. 

3. We help you find your story (first draft)

Once you have laid out all your milestones in STAR format, you will be able to select the most effective paragraphs.

  • These will create the skeleton of your personal statement

  • The next step is then to sew them together, developing a personal and unique branding and story that highlights your journey 

4. We teach you to be concise (final version)

Finally, we help you reduce the number of words, to meet the 4,000 character limit. At the end of this phase, the personal statement obtained will be the result of a distillation that has retained only the most relevant points for the admission application in question.

So... do you write the personal statement? 

We are an agency of tutors: professionals dedicated to education as a lifestyle and a passion. If we wrote personal statements to our students we would belittle the importance of our work and that of our students.


Our goal is to train brilliant, enterprising and responsible minds. 

It is up to the student to do the work. We at Valdo Academics show you the path to follow, we describe exactly the steps to take and we make sure that the obstacles along the way can be faced with more serenity. However, the path of learning and discovery belongs to the student, who acquires complete awareness of it without using shortcuts.


Students in their penultimate year, or in the summer between their penultimate and senior year

If you are in this phase, you are in the last moment to be able to plan the application path in advance. At this time, you can still take advantage of the opportunities offered by the summer to enrich your CV.

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Plan ahead! There are five steps to focus on where we can help you.


Choose with us the universities where you will apply


The choice of universities is not simply based on rankings.

  • You will need to identify your high-risk universities (where it is possible but difficult to get in) and those where you are safe to get in. What will be the optimal level of risk to expose yourself to?

  • You'll need to figure out which cities suit your personality type: do you prefer a campus-style university like Oxford, or an urban university like LSE?

  • Do you prefer the theoretical or practical aspects of your course of study? Are you interested in research?

  • How much will it cost you? Will you be able to take the infamous honor loan to pay for your studies?

  • What is the difference between Scottish and English universities?

  • Are there scholarships available?


Our role is to help you answer these questions and help you achieve a peaceful and stimulating university future. Made especially for you!


Reach the desired "predicted grade"​

.TOAt the beginning of your senior year, your professors will have to make a prediction of your final grade. 


This "predicted grade" will be sent to universities and will be one of the main factors that will influence the outcome of your applications.


Through our strengthening and repetition programs, we can help you achieve the grade you want to achieve.

DDemonstrate genuine passion with your CV


Sviluppa il tuo curriculum ed esplora la tua passione


L'estate che ti attende offre un'opportunità unica per esplorare le materie che ti interessano e dimostrare la tua passione attraverso corsi, lezioni individuali, scuole estive, letture specifiche e stage. Devi accumulare queste esperienze adesso, per poter scrivere ad Agosto o Settembre il tuo personal statement!


Per ognuno dei nostri studenti, organizziamo un percorso stimolante che permetta di accumulare il necessario bagaglio di esperienze per dimostrare un interesse genuino per la materia.

We can help you enrich your resume in three main ways

University lessons

We organize university lectures in the subject of interest


Click to read an example:

Apply for UCL

Politics, Philosophy, Economics

Case study: University Lessons


Carla wanted to study  Politics, Philosophy, Economics at UCL.

We put her in touch with a specialized tutor. Together, they studied John Rawls and Robert Nozick, learning elements of political philosophy, which they connected to an analysis of the pros and cons of "Obamacare" in the USA, and of Democratic and Republican economic policies.


Carla was able to talk about these experiences in her personal statement, and was accepted into every university she applied to.



We help you look for an internship in a related field


Click to read an example:
Question for Warwick
Applied Mathematics


Case study: Internships


Anna wanted to apply to Warwick to study applied mathematics.

We identified a passion for statistics, so we arranged an internship with one of our partners, Power Play Theatre: a self-funding theater company selling statistical analysis studies into the British art world.


Anna was able to learn advanced statistical concepts and contribute to a study on gender equality in British theater – an experience she mentioned in her statement, and helped her get into every university she applied to.

Summer Schools

We can recommend summer schools in the UK


Click to read an example:
Student undecided between 
Law and Economy

Case study: Summer schools


We work with a wide range of partners to recommend the best summer schools in the UK to families.


For example, one of our students was undecided whether to study law or economics. We put him in touch with a summer school that specializes in teaching college material in these subjects. By accessing their courses, the student was able to experience the topics first-hand and decide to apply for Economics. Supported by the distance learning lessons of our tutors, at the end of the course he entered the London School of Economics (LSE).

Finally, we help you reap the benefits of a year of preparation


Write the Personal Statement


All the experiences you have accumulated over the years will be summarized in a single essay: the personal statement.

This will be written early or during your senior year, so you still have time to flesh out your resume! 


Tests and Interviews

Many courses require extra exams and interviews, in addition to predicted grades and a personal statement. For example

  • Medicine

  • Law

  • Politics, Philosophy, Economics

  • Mathematics

  • Liberal Arts

  • Business

It is essential to prepare as far in advance as possible for these tests, which will take place in your final year of high school. We can create custom programs to help you do this!

Comincia il tuo percorso

All of our programs begin with a free, personalized consultation.

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