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Excellence, just a click away

Learn from tutors who worked alongside Nobel Prize winners. Meet IB examiners who will give feedback on your essays.  Be inspired, no matter where you are.

What are the advantages of online lessons?

Recordable tutorials

Record lessons

to see them again later

The world

is your clasroom

Take your lessons on vacation, from home, at school, or in a coffee shop.

If you have internet, you can study with us!

Spend less,

learn more

If our tutors work online, they don't have to travel, so they can ask for up to 30% less than a normal rate

Improve your concentration

Utilise virtual whiteboards, shared documents, and share your screen via Zoom or Google Meet.


Increase the attention span, thanks to our innovative and effective methods. 



Even if the interaction with students and parents does not take place in person, we dedicate targeted attention to each of our clients, with weekly calls, instant messaging platforms and software to evaluate the student's progress.  

Technology at the service of e-learning



It allows us to conduct video lessons in real time, recordable by students



Draw and write equations on a shared whiteboard; download the notes in PDF!


Google Docs

It allows us to work on the same document at the same time: get real-time feedback!



Analyze equations on interactive graphs!

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 12.16.26.png

Electronic GDC

Learn to use the graphing calculator through the online version, shared with the tutor!



The platform on which the family

can view all the lessons completed and the amounts accrued

Three pillars to support our pedagogy


Make the student responsible

By working with us, students learn to overcome the academic challenges they face.


In any case, the work of our tutors does not replace, but complements, the student's independent work and enhances it.


By working with us, the kids agree to embark on a path that requires commitment and responsibility.

2.5 hours

We ask students to study 2.5 hours for every hour of strengthening they require​

Intellectual honesty

Our tutors guide the students and cultivate responsibility and intellectual honesty in them: our students' works are personal, original and attentive to plagiarism.


Transparent collaboration with the school

Our tutors complement and enhance the work done in class, which remains, in any case, the backbone of the students' education. 

For this reason, we are constantly in contact with teachers and schools, in order to better coordinate the work with the pupils.


Development of Soft Skills

Nella stragrande maggioranza dei casi, le debolezze accademiche dei nostri studenti sono riconducibili a debolezze nelle competenze relazionali.


Queste includono la creatività, cruciale nei progetti di ricerca, l'intraprendenza, fondamentale per lo studio autonomo, la capacità di autocritica, necessaria per l'obiettiva valutazione della propria performance, e la fiducia in sé stessi.

Pertanto, monitoriamo e sviluppiamo in maniera mirata queste competenze al di là delle abilità accademiche di ogni studente.

Creative resourcefulness



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