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50 times better choices

Our students are fifty times more satisfied with their degree course than the Italian average.

If we compare our data with Almalaurea: 0.8% unsatisfied versus 45%!

A message from our founder:

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Hi! My name is Roberto Valdo Cortese. I am very happy to e-meet you! For over ten years, I have been helping students such as yourself discover their passions, and make successful applications to the best universities in Italy, Europe and North America. 

Did you know that 50% of students choose the wrong degree?

If we look at Italy alone, According to Almalaurea, an inter-university consortium:

  • 15% of students change their degree after the first year

  • 30% don't change, but regret their choice, and think they should have done something else

  • Plus, there is a hughe cohort of students who find their degree too hard and fail their exams multiple times as a result. In Italy alone, it takes 4.5 years on average to complete a 3 years degree!

It's my mission to help you!

After my international high school diploma (IB, 44/45) I ended up choosing the wrong university course, in the wrong country.  Eventually, I found my path... but I have made it my mission to ensure that students embark on a fulfilling journey straight away. I am here to empower you to do that.

Duration: three to five meetings

 Between 2 and 4 weeks 

The cost is €350+Italian VAT. 

Step 1:  Orientation questionnaire

Complete the Valdo Academics orientation questionnaire to explore your passions in a structured way. We will use this data to identify degree courses that may be of interest to you.

Step 2: Guided Reflection

You will meet with your educational consultant 3-5 times, depending on each program. First, you will analyze the results of the questionnaire together. We'll help you explore passions in a structured way and based on these conversations, we'll bring you a list of degree programs, offered at a range of universities, for you to analyze together.

You will analyze the specific content of each degree course. We will look at the courses offered in the first, second, and third years. We will analyze the optional and mandatory courses. 

Thanks to this analysis, you will be able to tell us with full knowledge of the facts: "this course seems beautiful to me!" or “this course would probably bore me.”

We'll eliminate the options you don't like and expand your search to the courses you do like. 

Step 3: Shortlist and return meeting

Once we have a shortlist, we will conduct a return meeting with your family.

We will explain in detail to parents what choices were expressed and how the admission applications work.

You will then be able to choose whether to face the admission applications independently, or make use of our supportwith a discount.

Judge if we are right for you. Book a free consultation. 

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