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Oxford Caps

Discover your passions and enter the university of your dreams.


The advisors you will meet decided who got admitted to Oxford!

Do you know where and what you want to study?

"Which course is right for me?"

“What country should I apply to?”

"What jobs will I be able to do with the course I have chosen?"

We can help you with our ORIENTATION services

Is your profile competitive enough?

“What activities, readings, and summer courses can I do in the next few years to ensure I have a competitive application?

We can help you with our MENTORING program

Do you know how to get in?

How do you write a good Personal Statement? How is it different from a US College Essay? Can you teach me how to write a good motivation letter?


Can you give feedback on my acceptance letters?

We can help you with our UNIVERSITY ADMISSIONS service 

The effectiveness of our method is proven by student results

Shine among the candidates

Last year, 93% of our Italian clients' university applications resulted in an offer, compared to an Italian average of 55% and a UK average of 69%!(Source:UCAS)


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This added value is due to the holistic preparation that we offer: from the initial consultations, up to the announcement of the results in July, we will be at your side to help you.

More success

On average, Italian students get into approximately 2 universities (2.75 to be precise), while Valdo Academics students enter almost 5 out of 5! (The average is 4.6). (Source:UCAS)

Less risk

Last year, 13.5% of applicants had to undergo clearing - that is, resubmit applications in August because the school grades obtained did not match the university offers. At Valdo Academics we help children make wise choices, which allow us to reduce this risk to 3.53%. (Source:UCAS)

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Valdo Academics offers all clients a free telephone consultation where we clarify the admission process for students and families. ​ Call us, we will be happy to talk to you!​

We offer complete assistance (in Italian and English) throughout the entire university application process, whether in the United Kingdom, in European Union countries or overseas:

  1. Choice of university and degree courses

  2. Curriculum enrichment (internships, research, university lessons) 

  3. Planning of the personal statement/common application/motivational and reference letters

  4. Test preparation and university interviews

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