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What is the SAT exam?

The SAT is a college entrance exam required by world-leading universities in Europe and the USA.


In Europe, universities such as Bocconi, Cattolica, LUISS, IE,  ESADE, Bologna, Polimi and many others accept the SAT. 

Not sure if you should take the SAT?

Book a free consultation. We'll tell you whether the colleges you're interested in require you to take the SAT, and if so, what their target grades will be.

We have been helping SAT students for over 10 years .

We always start with a diagnostic test

Measure your success

Average imprvement: +430 points

(from 820 to 1250)

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The average student starts from being in the weakest 40%, and ends up in the top 30% after our courses

Oxford Caps
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  • Olivia grew up in Queens, New York, and attended Harvard University in 2012. She graduated with honors in 2016, earning a degree in English Language and Literature and a degree in Mind/Brain Behavior.​

  • After graduation, she pursued further studies in English at St. Catherine's College, Oxford, on a full scholarship.

  • Olivia received a prestigious British entrepreneur visa, allowing her to establish her own theater company, Part of the Main, which focuses on empowering women and enhancing female presence in theatrical performances and the creative industries.

  • Olivia has over 10 years of experience in coaching students for the SAT and ACT, covering both the Math and English sections.

  • She excels at making content accessible, particularly for students who may feel intimidated by more challenging concepts, such as algebra, or the more complex grammatical aspects of American English.

Meet one of our 270 tutors

Prepare your SAT exams with Valdo Academics

1 JULY - 26 JULY


✅ MAX 5 Students per class. LIVE and INTERACTIVE lessons

✅ 60 hours of instruction

✅ 5 sessions a week, for 4 weeks (Mon-Fri)

✅ Includes an initial diagnostic test and two family consultations to understand how to best utilize the SAT exam

✅ 40 worksheets with tutor feedback

✅ 3 simulated exams

🤩 Save up to 70% compared to 1:1 tutoring


The course starts on MONDAY, July 1st, 2024, and ends on Friday, July 26th, 2024

From Monday to Friday

10:00 AM (Italian time); Maths 1.5 hours

11:30 AM (Italian time): Break

11:45 AM (Italian time): English 1.5 hours


  • €1800+IVA if you register by May 15th 2024

  • €1995+IVA if you register thereafter​

To enroll, or ask for more information book a free call now! All of our courses begin with a free consultation

The course includes 2 free consultations with the family

We help parents interpret SAT scores, targets, and college requirements

What options are available based on your score? In which country?

Typically, SATs are taken 3 times. How to plan sessions optimally?

Looking for a 1:1 course? Meet our SAT tutors individually

  • Individual tutoring for the SAT  allows you to create a tailor-made course around YOUR needs and objectives

  • Great for students who are already familiar with the SAT and want to improve specific areas

  • Excellent if you are very busy and need US to adapt to YOUR timetable

  • We can send you a diagnostic test  and discuss the results for FREE, to plan the journey together

  • Investment: Rates start from €55 per hour

  • No advance payment is required. You only pay for the classes you take each week

  • You can start and finish whenever you want.


Discover your SAT score now!

  • Find out your starting SAT score, and your chances of admission at your dream university.

  • Contact us to get your access code, or take the test now if you already have it!

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