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Universities in Spain: Mediterranean culture and academic excellence


  • Study programs available in both English and Spanish

  • University fees and cost of living similar to Italy, if not cheaper

  • Universities with an ancient history and an international reputation for excellence

  • Historical, cultural wealth and activities that involve young people


  • Some programs or courses may only be delivered in Spanish or Catalan

How does the admission procedure work?


Scegli le università 

Il primo passo è capire quali siano i programmi e le università più adatte a te in base ai tuoi interessi e alle tue esigenze. Ti affiancheremo per valutare attentamente tutti i fattori, dai programmi accademici, ai costi e la vita della città, alle prospettive lavorative. Molte università spagnole hanno percorsi di application unici, e la tua scelta determinerà anche gli steps successivi.




Accredit your diploma through UNED

Almost all Spanish universities require registration with the "UNED" online portal to accredit one's high school diploma and assess the suitability of candidates to apply to individual universities. Our team can offer you the support you need in this and all other administrative procedures, in both English and Spanish.


Prepare for exams

Many Spanish universities include entrance exams in their application process. These may be exams specific to the course you are applying for, or Spanish language exams, or standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, CAS or LNAT. Our expert tutors will accompany you throughout the preparation to send the results within the due deadlines.


CV, motivation and cover letters

The most creative but also among the most challenging part of the application process. Many universities will ask you to submit a CV or portfolio, a letter of motivation and a cover letter written by your teacher or employer. These letters and your resume are your best tools for standing out among candidates. Valdo Academics tutors will help you bring out the best in you and assist your teachers in understanding the cover letter criteria for the Spanish university system.

What are the best universities?

UC3M 2.jpg

Universidad Carlos III Madrid

Excellent Spanish public university with the widest range of bilingual Spanish/English courses. It ranks second in all of Spain (U-Ranking 2020) and first in the Madrid area. It is among the "top 50" of the QS University Ranking 2021 and the first Spanish university to which you can apply with the Common App.

Annual fee 2020-21 (EU/EEA students): €1,283 - €1,568, depending on the course

(Source: UC3M)

Average cost of living for students in Madrid: €900 - 1300 per month

(Source: Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

University of Barcelona

Ranked first in Spain and among the top 70 in Europe (QS 2020), it offers degree courses in English, Catalan and Spanish. In world rankings, it is firmly placed in the top 50 for courses in Anatomy and Physiology, Information Studies and Archives, Clinical Medicine, Philosophy, Archeology (QS, 2020; ARWU, 2020).

Annual fee 2020-21 (EU/EEA students): between € 2,800 - € 3,600, depending on the program (Source: UB)

Average cost of living for students in Barcelona: approximately €1000 per month

(Source: Barcelona School of Management)

Meeting Room Business

IE University

If you dream of studying Economics and/or Business, you are in the right place.

IE is a renowned international private university with campuses in Madrid and Segovia, a focus on business and innovation, and a firm place among the best business schools across Europe.


IE has an application process that is unique in Spain and can be even more complex than others. The Valdo Academics team is here to help you understand how to move and successfully pass each stage of the selection process.


Annual fee 2020-21 (EU/EEA students): € €21,000-23,000 (Source: IE)

Average cost of living for students in Segovia or Madrid: from €900 per month and up, depending on your choice of accommodation (on-campus residence, city apartment, or homestay)

Start your journey

All of our programs begin with a free, personalized consultation.

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