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Instituto de Empresa (IE): innovation in business management

  • Instituto de Empresa (IE) is a private university with campuses in Madrid and Segovia, specializing in business and innovation

  • According to the prestigious Bloomberg Business Week magazine, IE offers the best Entrepreneurship program in Europe and is ranked 9th among all Business Schools on the continent (Bloomberg Business Week, 2020)

  • Over 130 nationalities represented, for a total of 75% international students

  • Constant integration of classroom learning with practical experiences in multiple companies innovative

  • IE is a private university, therefore with a higher cost than other Spanish and European universities: the annual fee varies from €21,000 to 23,000. However, through the IE Foundation, IE University also offers several scholarships that are accessible based on academic merit and income, and which can partially or completely cover the tuition.


How does the admission procedure work?


Complete the application forms

The first step is an online procedure in which you will have to attach: 

  1. Admissions test results (if you took the SAT, ACT, CAS, or LNAT)

  2. High school report cards

  3. Letters of introduction: one from a teacher, another from the principal or director of studies at your school

  4. Identification documents

  5. A recent CV that includes academic background, work experience and extracurricular activities

  6. A passport photo

  7. Additional documents: a portfolio of work, diplomas, certificates or awards that make you stand out among the candidates




IE Test (if you have not taken the SAT exams)

The IE University admission test is conducted in English, and aims to evaluate your verbal, logical and mathematical skills, in order to corroborate the academic and extracurricular skills presented in your documents. The test focuses on your ability to reason rather than knowledge, and also evaluates your level of English.

You can take this exam in Segovia. Madrid, or in one of the other 30 international IE centers around the world. In Italy, the reference office is located in Milan. 


Online Assessment

The third phase is an online test lasting 20-30 minutes, with 1 written question and 2 questions to be answered by recording a video. You will need a computer with a good internet connection, a webcam and a microphone. You will be able to ask an unlimited number of practice questions before the exam, but you will only have one chance to record your final answers. The Valdo Academics team will help you prepare properly.


Colloquio orale

La quarta fase è un colloquio orale, dove gli esaminatori valuteranno la personalità, capacità di pensiero critico, mezzi espressivi ed altre abilità di comunicazione. I nostri tutor sono esperti nella preparazione ai colloqui, e saranno entusiasti di accompagnarti ad ogni passo di questo percorso. 

Where could you study?


Segovia Campus

The Segovia Campus is surrounded by greenery and history, as it is hosted by the Convent of Santa Cruz la Real, a national monument since 1931. 

If you want a full-fledged "campus life" experience, IE Segovia is for you: just 25 minutes from Madrid thanks to high speed, the Segovia campus is a perfect combination of nature, community and educational and technological innovation , always at the center of the IE university project. With students from over 100 countries, IE Segovia is a global community that offers you a unique development opportunity, academically, personally and professionally. 

Annual fee 2020-21 (EU/EEA students): €21,000-23,000 (Source: IE)

Average cost of living for students in  Segovia: from €800 per month and up, depending on your choice of accommodation (on-campus residence, apartment in the city, or with a family)

Madrid campus

By studying at IE Madrid you will be immersed in both the life of the city and the community of innovation and technology at the heart of IE University's identity. With 75% foreign students from over 130 countries, you will be in a multicultural and dynamic environment, and you can choose whether to experience the city independently by renting an apartment or diving into the local culture as a guest in a family.

By 2021, IE will inaugurate a new campus that is completely eco-sustainable and will host up to 6000 students.

Annual fee 2020-21 (EU/EEA students): € €21,000-23,000 (Source: IE)

Average cost of living for students in  Madrid: from €900 per month and up, depending on your choice of accommodation (on-campus residence, apartment in the city, or with a family)

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