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Beat procrastination...

Are you a student who has trouble keeping up with homework?

Do you struggle with deadlines, spend your nights studying or hand in homework at the last minute?

Chances are you don't need tutoring.

You need a
time management programme!

Master yours

We have developed a coaching program designed specifically to help you manage your time.

Why improve time management?

  • Gli studenti che lavorano con noi, di solito, cercano di migliorare i loro risultati in materie specifiche o di aumentare le loro possibilità di essere accettati nell'Università dei loro sogni.

  • Tuttavia, sono spesso ostacolati da una scarsa capacità di gestione del tempo, che impedisce loro di sfruttare al massimo le opportunità che già hanno a disposizione.

  • Decenni di esperienza ci hanno insegnato che il tutoring è reso inefficace senza circa 2.5 ore di studio autonomo per ogni ora di lezione che ricevono.

  • Una pianificazione del tempo inefficiente non si traduce soltanto in investimenti inefficaci, ma in stress, ansia, scadenze mancate, basso rendimento scolastico, e dunque voti bassi e serie conseguenze per le domande universitarie e i piani futuri.

  • A prescindere dalla tua bravura in una materia, se fai fatica ad organizzare il tuo tempo potresti non avere successo a scuola e, un domani, nel lavoro.

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If you don't make structured and timely decisions about your study program, the money invested in tutoring is money (and time) wasted!

Give structure to your talent.

Let's learn from athletes...

Football fan or not, you've probably heard of Cristiano Ronaldo.


Did you know that he is also famous among footballers for his tireless work ethic and his infallible daily training program? Like many athletes,  at the top of their category, Ronaldo is a true master of time management. Where would he be today if he didn't know how to structure his days so well?


Maybe he would be on a team with Antonio Cassano. You may be too young to have heard of him, but Cassano was was heralded as the best footballer of his generation in the early 2000s, but was notoriously bad at managing his training sessions, didn't go to the gym and preferred partying.


Talent gave Cassano the opportunity to play for Real Madrid. But it was his lack of organizational skills that got him kicked out.

At Valdo Academics we don't chase a ball, we help you excel in school. In any case, even if in an academic context, we want to help you be more like Cristiano Ronaldo and less like Antonio Cassano!

Clock Gears

Come funziona il programma Time Machine?

It is a 1:1 programme, in which each student is supported by a tutor specialized in this area.

Our goal is for students to become completely independent in managing their time. 

The program is therefore organized in two phases, in which the children become, progressively and consciously, more autonomous.

Phase 1: Structure and Support

Three phone calls daily

To set goals, help you organize your week and track important tasks and deadlines.

Five days a week

Your tutors will offer you support Monday to Friday, ensuring you work towards your goals.

Three months to grow

Acquisirai le capacità organizzative fondamentali che ti aiuteranno ad avere successo nella tua vita accademica e professionale

1. Organize the day with your tutor...

  • Every Monday you will meet your tutor for a 30 minute session. You will set weekly goals, monitor deadlines and organize the week's work according to your needs.

  • Between Tuesday and Friday you will meet early in the afternoon for a 15 minute call. During this call, the tutor will help you set up work for the next time.

2. Controlla se hai seguito il piano...

At the end of each day you will meet your tutor again to check the progress of your work and the progress of your assignments.

Compass & Map

The choice is yours.

We are here to guide you.

The program is completely customizable. In the very first session we will thoroughly evaluate and discuss your medium and long term goals, strengths and weaknesses, in order to offer you the most specific and effective tools for your needs.

Phase 2: Responsibility and Independence

Two weekly coaching sessions

During this phase, you will only meet with your tutor for two 30-minute sessions. On Monday you will set your weekly goals together with your tutor, and on Friday you will evaluate your progress and make any necessary changes to your plan.

Become autonomous

The ultimate goal of this phase is to reduce contact with the tutor, gaining a high level of responsibility and independence, so as to stimulate your skills and achieve your long-term goals on your own.


Understanding the world, step by step

The Time Management program allows students to understand the direct connection between future goals and daily actions.

The program strengthens their abilities to deal with the workload, allowing them  to establish an order of priority among the multiple commitments they face.

This program allows families to gain awareness of the challenges and progress of their children, who are guided closely.

Happy Couple

Scroll through the presentation to meet your coaches!

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