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Global excellence just a click away

Our lessons take place online, or in London - where most of our teachers live.


Thanks to online classes, you can go beyond your city when you search

study help.


Our tutors have worked with Nobel Prize winners, presented internationally renowned shows and won important academic awards.

They are all just a click away.

What are the advantages of online lessons?



Registra le lezioni

per rivederle più tardi



The world

it's your class

Do your lessons on vacation, from home, at school, or in a coffee shop.

If you have internet, you can talk to us.

Spend less,

learn more

If our tutors work online, they don't have to travel, so they ask for up to 30% less than the normal rate

Improve your concentration

The digital connection allows you to expand the possibilities of interaction with the student, who during lessons writes on virtual whiteboards, shares documents, and shares their screen via Skype.


The result is that it is much easier to keep the kids' attention alive!



On the one hand, we are sorry that online it is not possible to chat with the students' parents, have a coffee, and socialize with the rest of the family.

On the other hand, students often appreciate that a greater proportion of class time is spent learning!

Flexibility and security

Timetables are arranged based on your availability and lessons can be canceled up to 24 hours before the session. 

As for invoices, these are sent every two weeks and can be paid by credit card or direct debit via a secure link.

Technology at the service of e-learning



It allows us to conduct video lessons in real time,

recordable by students



Disegna e scrivi equazioni

 su una lavagna condivisa; scarica gli appunti come PDF!


Google Docs

It allows us to work on the same document simultaneously: receive  real-time feedback!



Analyze equations on interactive graphs!

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 12.16.26.png

GDC Electronics

Learn to use the graphing calculator through the online version, shared with the tutor!



The platform on which the family

can view all the lessons completed and the amounts accrued

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