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IB Revision courses

IB enhancement courses consist of a series of intense half-days of revision dedicated to a single subject.

The classes are very small: they range from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 7 students. The reason for this choice is to offer students a personalized strengthening program, and to encourage close contact between the students and our excellent tutors. 


Students will have the opportunity to enroll in different courses, given the division of the same into half days. 

Benefits of strengthening courses

Cover the IB syllabus in just a few days

During the courses you will have the opportunity to review the fundamental concepts of the entire program, working with Italian tutors to clarify your doubts.

Learn a proven exam strategy

Il punteggio più frequenti tra i nostri tutors IB è di 44/45; Sanno bene quali ostacoli ti aspettano e come affrontarli.


per tutti i livelli

We have worked with hundreds of students...  and therefore we are able to help you whatever your level! Every year we help ambitious students get between 42 and 45 and get into Oxbridge

Courses Rome 14-19 April 2020

Consult our brochure to check the specific dates of each subject and check which courses interest you.


Once you've made a decision, book the course with the button opposite!

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