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Università in Olanda: il miglior rapporto qualità-prezzo in Europa


  • Employment rate of new graduates among the highest in Europe: 90.4% (Times Higher Education, 2019)

  • Qualifications in English recognized by companies and universities around the world

  • University fees and living costs similar to Italy (between €1500 and 4000 per year)

  • Multicultural environment, with 11.6% international students (CBS, 2019)


  • The rainy climate may require a spirit of adaptation on the part of lovers of the Mediterranean climate

  • The very liberal environment is suitable for responsible and mature students

How does the admission procedure work?


Choose universities with limited enrollment

You can only apply to two closed universities in the Netherlands. With our help, you will be able to choose the ones that best reflect your priorities (relevance of the course of study, costs, location, extracurricular opportunities, etc). 


Prepare the documents

Dutch universities require more documentation than Italian ones. To apply, you will need to prepare a CV and, in many cases, a cover letter, as well as submit your report cards. Our team of tutors will help you draft CVs and letters to shine among the many candidates.



Once you have prepared all the necessary documents, you will need to register on the online platform "StudieLink" and send the material. The typical deadline for this phase is January 15, so we recommend starting with Phase 1 at least in August of the previous year.


Prepare for the entrance tests

Some universities require an admission test to be taken between January and March. We will help you identify the material to study and we will follow you throughout the preparation, entrusting you to the most qualified tutors.

What are the best universities?


The University of Amsterdam

Public university in Amsterdam, with a high output of research and academic publications.

It ranks among the "top 20" universities in Europe and  “top 65” in the world (QS, 2020). It offers one of the largest selections of courses in English among European universities.

Annual fee 2020-21 (EU/EEA students): €2,143 (Source: University of Amsterdam)

Average cost of living for students in Amsterdam: €900 - 1200 per month

(Source: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

University College Maastricht

An English-language university with a strongly international character, it offers a wide variety of courses and specializations.

It follows the American model as a college of “liberal arts and sciences” and has the highest ranking in the Netherlands for this type of program (QS, 2020)

Annual fee 2020-21 (EU/EEA students): €3,545 (Source: University College Maastricht)

Average cost of living for students in Maastricht: €900 - 1000 per month 

(Source: Maastricht University)


Erasmus University

Public university in Rotterdam, offers courses in both English and Dutch. It excels above all in the field of medicine thanks to its research centers and in that of business and economics with the Erasmus School of Economics and Rotterdam School of Management.

Annual fee 2020-21 (EU/EEA students): €2,143 (Source: Erasmus University)

Average cost of living for students in Rotterdam: €1000 per month (Source: Erasmus University)

Tilburg University

Public university specializing in the humanities and behavioral sciences, economics, law, business, theology and other humanities subjects. For business and economics it ranked 17th in the world and 4th in Europe (QS, 2020).

Annual fee 2020-21 (EU/EEA students): €2,143 (Source: Tilburg University)

Average cost of living for students in Tilburg: €900 (Source: Erasmus)


Start your journey

All of our programs begin with a free, personalized consultation.

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