Enquiry and outline

Initially, you provide us with a description of the topic(s) you’re interested in pursuing further, or the areas that you need help in.


This could be anything, and as specific as you desire. They may change later down the line, but they will help us find the right tutors to connect you with.

We will then check the earliest available slot for you to discuss with our tutors and director of education.

First meeting and  programme development

We’ll set a meeting with the best tutor on our books for the interests you have outlined.


With them, you will be able to can go into more detail about the subject and begin to build a programme of study together.


At this point, if you decide not to go ahead with the tuition, there is absolutely no cost.

Programme approval; start learning!

Once you approve the programme, the classes will begin. 

We will keep in touch with the tutors to learn about your progress, but they will become the first point of contact for your enquiries, and we will facilitate the administrational process and the payments, which will be automated via our electronic system, Tutorcruncher.

Scegli la tua lingua 

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