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1st Class, Ba Economics and Philosophy, University College London (UCL)



This proposed 1:1 tuition programme is suitable for Physics applicants interested in deepening their mathematical and logical understanding of the subject, as well as learning about new theories such as quantum mechanics and/or special relativity, not covered at the pre-university-level.


The exact topics covered could be tailored to suit the interests and strengths of the student and need not be exactly as described above.

Introductory module

(2 hours) 

The module will help you map out a plan that will help you stand out from the crowd, giving you the tools to demonstrate initiative and enthusiasm reaching well-beyond the school curriculum.  


You will have the opportunity to discuss your university choices and your own special academic interests with a tutor. They will then craft a bespoke set of modules and reading suggestions to 

strengthen your application and personal statement, and appeal to  your particular academic interests.

Fundamentals in Physics

(3 hrs)


 This is a great way to quickly consolidate you've learnt so far and take your knowledge to the next level. You'll reinforce what you've learn about physics so far and fit it into the bigger picture of what physicists know about the Universe.

For example, you'll review integration and differentiation and use them to derive familiar formulas (such asKE=12mv2or the “suvat” constant acceleration equations). You might also  learn how to set up and solve simple differential equations using Newton’s Laws and understand how concepts such as conservation of energy and momentum follow from these.

Special Relativity
(4 hours)  


Very few pre-university students know much about special relativity, so this module will really give you the edge to stand out from the competition!

During this module, the relativistic formulas for time-dilation and space-contraction will be derived using very elementary ideas. You'll then use these formulas to define the concept of spacetime.

Using the tools from the previous module, the concepts of energy, momentum and force will also be updated to give a full special-relativistic version of mechanics, including deriving Einstein’s celebrated formula E=mc2.

Partial Differentiation &

 Basic Vector Calculus

(1.5 hrs)


This session will kickstart your introduction to some completely new mathematical machinery that will further deepen your understanding of forces and energy.

You'll be introduced to functions of two or more variables, and also the techniques of partial differentiation.


You'll also use the gradient vector of a scalar potential field  to express the force fields of classical mechanics.

The Wave Equation and Schrödinger’s Equation

(3 hrs)

This is your chance to get to grips with one of the key ingredients of all modern physics theories!


Using the new tools of partial differentiation, you'll derive and solve the wave equation. 


This will then serve as a motivation for introducing the Schrödinger equation, the primary equation of quantum mechanics, whose meaning and interpretation will be discussed.


Seeing the Schrödinger equation for the first time will help to make the ideas of wave-particle duality more concrete.

Personal Statement 

(1.5 hours)

Personal statements provide students with an important opportunity to demonstrate their achievements, academic potential and interest in the course. Every sentence in the personal statement needs to pull its weight. This course guides students through the process of writing personal statements, from its initial drafting to its final proof-reading, with the opportunity for considered and constructive feedback at every stage. Tutors will seek to focus the student’s reading and channel their enthusiasm into a personal statement that reflects their talents.

You'll also be able to discuss possible interview questions. Advice will be given on how to prepare for entrance exams such as the PAT (Oxford) or NSAA (Cambridge).

All of our programmes​ are entirely bespoke: what you saw above was just an example. 


Our tutors will speak to you to understand your precise needs, and build a programme that feels right and is exciting.

Please enquire to find out more.

the hours you need

Built around
your degree choice

Studying topics 
you love



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