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1st Class, Ba Economics and Philosophy, University College London (UCL)



Each programme is bespoke and specifically tailored to the needs and interests of the individual student; however, the modules below will provide a general picture of a typical programme created for a sixth form student applying to study medicine.


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Almost all of our students require preparation for the UKCAT and the BMAT.

That is because our tutors offer systematic training across all sections of the tests, focussing on building your subject knowledge, as well as merely teaching to the test. This way, not only do you improve your test technique, but also you prepare for your interviews.

To this date, our tutors have helped tutees scure places in the most prestigious universities of the country, including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, and Imperial College. 

They build on years of successful medical applications tuition, as well as their first hand experience of the tests, to walk you through each section of the UKCAT and the BMAT.

Beyond the School Curriculum 

(6 hours) 

The aim of this module is  to provide some insight into the medical course, while also preparing students for the trickiest interview questions.

Rigorously academic institutions (esp. Oxbridge) will expect you to appreciate  the material covered by the medicine course you are applying for. They will ascertain this through searching academic-style interview questions. These will cover tricky concepts from typical Biology A-Level syllabuses.

It is difficult to anticipate the breadth of material admissions tutors may spring upon students, but this might include: data interpretation, neuroscience, genetics, circulation, respiration, immunity, and evolution. 

The Role

of the Doctor

(6 hours)

The tutor will help the student develop a keen understanding and individual interpretation of the doctor's role in the health system.  This will  assist students with the 'Situational Judgement' portion of the UKCAT, and also prepare students for interview scenarios.


This module should outline vocational aspects of medicine through case-based problems, including: ethical debates (abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, organ donation drop-out systems etc.), ethical awareness, professional duty, competence, capacity, good medical practice and strike action. 




 (3 hours) 

During this module, we'll focus on topics and situations that regularly come up in the interview and MMI process.  For instance, ethical scenarios and communication.

We will also look at how best to present yourself, building on our tutors' first hand experience of stage performance: we work with medics who have a set of outstanding academic qualifications, as well as an impressive curriculum in the performance arts, such as theatre and ballet.

As a result, we are able to provide unparalleled interview preparation.


(2 hours)  


Work experience is a crucial but often illusive part of the application process. Universities require students show commitment and dedication to their aspiration, and the best way to do so is through engaging directly with the profession, through shadowing or volunteering within different factions of the health service. This might include working at a GP reception, alongside a coroner observing autopsies, within an elder care-home as a befriender, or shadowing a surgeon or junior within a secondary care setting.


In this module, the tutor will give the student guidance on how to obtain work experience, including how to phrase letters to local surgeries or hospitals, writing a CV, and finding contacts.

Personal Statement 

(1.5 hours)


 Every sentence in the personal statement needs to pull its weight. This course guides students through the process of writing personal statements, from its initial drafting to its final proof-reading, with the opportunity for considered and constructive feedback at every stage.


Tutors will seek to focus the student’s knowledge and channel their enthusiasm into a personal statement that reflects their talents and interests.

All of our programmes​ are entirely bespoke: what you saw above was just an example. 


Our tutors will speak to you to understand your precise needs, and build a programme that feels right and is exciting.

Please enquire to find out more.

the hours you need

Built around
your degree choice

Studying topics 
you love



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