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1st Class, Ba Economics and Philosophy, University College London (UCL)



This is an outline of a bespoke 1:1 tuition programme, suitable for Law applicants who have a strong interest in law and the role it plays in society.

It is based on academic content taught at Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, LSE and Kings College. A different student may want a different programme; other subject choices may include human rights, trusts and equity law, environmental law, law and social inquiry, and many more.

Introductory module

(2 hours) 

The student will review all the universities they were interested in applying to. Together, we will brainstorm ideas and outline the student’s passions and interests to ensure that this enthusiasm is recorded and comes through onto their personal statement.

We will discuss the methods to approach this and also touch base with the LNAT, which are the law pre-exams for university.


We will also discuss the fundamentals of the legal system to provide a general overarch and understanding of how the judicial system works.

Criminal Law

(3 hrs)


Explore substantive criminal law in England and Wales, by focusing on the definitions of the more serious crimes such as murder, manslaughter, rape, theft and the defences, which can be raised to deny liability including self-defence and mental illnesses.


By the end of the session, the student will be able to understand the principal doctrines of criminal liability and their underlying theory and be able to apply their knowledge accurately to real life situations: such as if your friend gets drunk and accidentally hurts someone. The student will be able to cogitate and analyse over mitigating factors and understand the difference in terminology such as ‘reckless behaviour’ and ‘negligence’.

Contract Law

(3 hrs)


The student will learn how to formulate, understand contracts and analyse whether oral, written contracts are legally binding business transactions.


At the end of this lesson, the student will be able to understand coherently legislation (both primary and secondary legislation) like Acts of Parliament and case law, comprehending the relationship of parties by voluntarily assumed contractual obligations. This is highly important, since contract law is the foundation of other areas of law, notably Commercial, Company law and even public law dealing with inter-state relations.

Tort Law

(2 hours)


The student will build on their understanding from contract law and learn tort law, which is concerned about civil and personal rights. The student will learn how tort law protects a person’s vested interests, which can be financial, personal or proprietary.


By the end of the lesson, the student will be able to apply their knowledge to real-life scenarios such as product liability from food companies for instance, what happens if the food one purchases from the supermarket is defective?

EU Law 

(2 hours)

Gain a holistic view of how British law interacts with EU law. This is important as it has a strong bearing on how one lives, studies and works in the UK.


This course will focus particularly on the economic freedoms that one has within the EU and furthermore allow the student to understand the political influences behind it.

The course will highlight the substantive law of the EU and the student will learn the difference between directives, regulations, and laws.

Personal Statement and LNAT

(3 hours)

Personal statements provide students with an important opportunity to demonstrate their achievements, academic potential and interest in the course. Every sentence in the personal statement needs to pull its weight. This course guides students through the process of writing personal statements, from its initial drafting to its final proof-reading, with the opportunity for considered and constructive feedback at every stage. Tutors will seek to focus the student’s reading and channel their enthusiasm into a personal statement that reflects their talents.

You'll also be able to discuss possible interview questions. Advice will also be given on how to prepare for the LNAT.

All of our programmes​ are entirely bespoke: what you saw above was just an example. 


Our tutors will speak to you to understand your precise needs, and build a programme that feels right and is exciting.

Please enquire to find out more.

the hours you need

Built around
your degree choice

Studying topics 
you love



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