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Make the right degree choice


Choosing your university can be a
life-changing moment. We can help you make the right decision. 

In our Dig Deeper programme, you will learn undergraduate-level material, which will allow you to make a more informed decision about your degree choice.

There is nothing like studying the actual papers, with a real expert, to discover 
if you really love a subject.


Get a head start on UCAS

Working with us, you will achieve a university-level command of your subject of choice. This will make you to stand out in your applications.


There are many committed, brilliant students applying for the top universities in the country. Very few can quote advanced material from the second year of the bachelor's degree - armed with this knowledge, you will stand out from the crowd.

A bespoke learning experience


Firstly, we ask you about your goals. We use this information to suggest a syllabus for your programme, which you will be able to pick topics from.

This ensures that you will learn something which is useful and aimed at maximising your chances of receiving an offer, but is also relevant and exciting.

Follow up on your Debate Chamber summer school!

The perfect follow-up tuition

Our programme has been devised to complement Debate Chamber's summer schools.

You set the pace and difficulty of the classes, but generally the level is slightly more advanced than the Debate Chamber courses you have taken, ensuring that you can continue to grow academically. 


Scroll down to read about the courses we offer, and to make an enquiry about DIG DEEPER.



Prepare for University applications


Debate Chamber's courses are designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity and help pupils push themselves further, without teaching to the test.


Our courses are built with the same spirit, but we can help you use this knowledge to prepare for interviews as well as university applications. DIG DEEPER will help you to capitalise on your summer school experiences and redirect this learning into preparing for university applications, including personal statements, UCAS, entrance exams, and interviews.



The following are examples of previous Dig Deeper programmes.

We will build your own for free.

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